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District Court And County Court at Law Respondent County Texas Print court information exactly as it appears on the Petition for Divorce Respondent s Answer to Divorce Print your answers. If you file an Answer or any other pleading before filing a Special Appearance you will give up your right to argue that Texas can t make such orders because you live out-of-state. Ask a Texas attorney to help you determine if Texas has personal jurisdiction over you. Cause Number IN THE MATTER OF THE...
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Welcome this is an instructional on how to file a response to the petition for either dissolution of marriage or legal separation first the top for District Court and County you'll want to provide the same information that was provided on the petition that you were served with the court address will also stay the same petitioner and Co petitioner or respondent these names will typically remain the same unless there is an error and spelling or the name is incorrect altogether if so you may want to consider contacting an attorney to see what your options are this box will be your contact information make sure to get this right so the court has this information if they need to contact you if you have an attorney the attorneys contact information will go here however they will typically be filing this document for you if that's the case case number division courtroom if this information was not on the documents that you were served with then the court will most likely provide this information to you at a later time check whether appropriate dissolution of marriage or legal separation and the body of this response the court gives you the option whether or not you agree with some of the information that was provided in the petition for dissolution of marriage or legal separation it also allows you to agree or disagree with whether or not the marriage is irretrievably broken if anything was incorrect in the petition that you noticed place that information here if anything was missing from the petition for dissolution or legal separation please also put any of that information in this box here the court also allows you to request orders entered regardless of its whether if it's the same as the petition requested you may request anything regarding status at the marriage best interest of the children which would be parenting time and decision making if you request maintenance or spousal support make sure to check this box child support division of property in bets and attorneys fees if the petitioner does not have an attorney and has not requested attorneys fees this does not mean that you may not check this box in request if you'll be restoring a previous name you want to check this box and if you have any other orders that you that you personally like requested place here this section is for you to provide the name you would like to restore to if not applicable just put in a signature and contact information placed here if an attorney is representing you attorney name will go here but again the attorney will most likely be filling out this form the certificate of service this is used to provide the court with documentation that you provide at this document not only to the clerk of court and filed it but also to the opposing party you will need to put the address in which it was delivered to and the signature saying that you have sent it there as a note on the response make sure that any appropriate issues are filed in this document if you have any...